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Welcome to Energy Saving Lamps

We really are the brightest place to buy your energy saving light bulbs and lamps online. We have a wide range of top quality low energy light bulbs and all at discount prices!

Delivery up to 29.99 is also only 2.99 per order, 4.79 for orders of 30 to 74.99, 5.99 for orders from 75 to 249.99 free for all orders over 250.

We have a wide range of CFL and LED lights and lamps to suit almost anyones needs.

Electricity costs have been rising over the past few years but you can save upto 80% on your electric lighting bill by replacing your old bulbs with energy saving lights. Energy saving lamps and lightbulbs also last up to 10 times longer or even more for LED versions.

We also have a wide range of Daylight bulbs available for immediate dispatch to your door. Why not replace your old yellow lighting with daylight lamps and bulbs. Click Here

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